Black men are born of black women

by maggiestone

I Love Black Women

I LOVE Black women because they are the mothers of our
Black future.

I love Black women because of their
enduring strength, a strength that at times has risen
above the failures of Black fathers.

I love their
curly hair, their braided hair, their straightened and
even kinky hair.

I love their full lips and, of
course, their brown sugar skin.

But most of all, I
love Black women because I am the product of a Black
woman. Black men are born of Black women and
influenced by the Black women in their lives.

I have
to love Black women in order for me to love myself.”

~ D’ Angelo, singer ~

D’ Angelo points out that he is a product of a black women. With the single parent households, the responsibility often falls on the mother to raise the children.

How will the characters of Tricia Rose raise their children to be different from the men in their lives that have disappointed them?

For example, if violence against women is a problem, isn’t the solution in the person doling out the violence. How do we get them to stop?

Is this excerpt from D’Angelo a success story?

Consider this:

On March 11, 2010 D’Angelo pled guilty to soliciting sex from a prostitute, who was really an undercover police officer. At the time of the incident, he was married to Angie Stone.

Who is the audience for this video?

Where is the narrative of the black man in tricia rose’s book? What would he say?