She rebels in every defiant step

by maggiestone




I disagree with the comment someone made on Monday that 

“Rape victims are broken people, decaying on the inside.”

They are real people, predominantly women. The voice of the poem is not a broken spirit, it’s a defiant one. People experience rape but rape does not define them. 

If anything, you have to have a will, a fire, a fight to lose that kind of battle, but to win the war, to stay alive and claim your right to existence.

In other words, many women who happen to be raped, consider suicide.  To claim your right to existence, you already choose to thrive rather than to decay. To endure that experience and remain whole is to say

“I am beloved by the universe. I do not have to earn my right to exist.”

Especially the voice of the women from the poem rebelled with every step on her nightly walk. She could be the antithesis of “broken.” To me that’s a misogynist term, as if the man has the power to break a woman, to mark her forever. 

Fuck rapists.